Is Your Homeowner’s Insurance at Risk?

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What risks are lying around your house that you’ve never even noticed? Could you lose your homeowner’s insurance policy due to a hidden liability or fire risk?  Could your homeowner’s insurance rates skyrocket just because you missed something small? Take a minute to play this fun game created by Safeco and see if you can find all the potential hazards that are occurring on this property.

Don’t Loose your Homeowners Insurance Policy

In a quickly changing market, more and more people are having their homeowner’s insurance policy cancelled. The reasons for cancellation vary greatly and include: Too many claims, poor maintenance quality, forest fire area, loss of companion policies, and even bad credit.  If you’ve just learned that your policy is being cancelled and don’t know where to turn, give us a call!  We will gladly help you find a policy that continues to protect one of your most valuable assets without breaking the bank.

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