Colorado Passes Tougher Penalty for Texting and Driving

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On Monday 4/24/17 the Colorado state House voted on a bill that would dramatically increase the penalty for texting while driving.

In a 56-8 vote this was passed by the House and will be heading to Gov. John hickenlooper’s desk, as it has already passed the Senate.

The current penalty for the first offense of texting and driving is $50 and 1 point on the drivers record.

With this new bill it will change to $300 and 4 points.

This can make a huge impact on youthful drivers as they are only given 6 points from ages 16-18 and have 9 points from 18-21.  This can also negatively impact insurance premiums for those youthful drivers on their auto insurance policies.

The increase in fine is not meant to bring more money in for the government but to help create a deterrent from people thinking it is ok to text and drive.

While the penalties are increasing for texting while driving, this does not include texting while at a red light or stopped in traffic as it only will be enforced while the driver is actively operating a moving vehicle.

Make sure that anytime you are operating a moving vehicle you are keeping your phone put away, and if it is an emergency where you must be texting, please pull over and stop.

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