So, um, does my homeowner’s insurance cover flooding?

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Every fall, we receive a number of very similar phone calls from clients who have homeowner’s insurance policies.  They all sound very similar to this: 

Client: “So, um, does my homeowner’s insurance cover flooding?”

Agency:  “That’s a great question, and the answer depends on what happened and what type of coverage you have!  What brings about the question?”

Client: “Well, we were gone for the weekend and one of our pipes froze and flooded the basement.  The walls are full of water and the carpet is ruined.  Please tell me you can help!” 

Agency:  “Great news, it looks like we can help.  Lets get someone out there right away to start damage mitigation.”

Its happened again!  Over the weekend, temperatures in Denver dropped below the freezing mark.  On average this happens every year around October 7th, and this year was no different.  Every year when this happens, we start to get a rush of phone calls similar to the one above. 

Once everything is factored into the insurance claim, a simple frozen pipe, can cause damage in excess of $10,000.  I personally experienced this last November when a pipe in our kitchen froze and burst.  Our kitchen backs up to the outside of the house.  On one particularly cold November night, the water inside the pipe froze and split the pipe right down the middle.  The next morning when it warmed up enough for the ice to melt, water poured out of the pipe behind the wall.  This lasted the entire day until we returned home from work.  Here’s a list of what all was damaged:

1. Kitchen cabinets  under the sink were ruined and had to be replaced

2. Kitchen hardwood floors were destroyed and had to be replaced

3. Ceiling in basement fell down and had to be replaced

4. Basement walls were filled with water and had to be replaced

5. Basement carpeting and padding were ruined and had to be replaced

6. Several personal items were ruined and had to be replaced

7.  Oh yeah, the broken pipe had to be replaced

Luckily we had a good homeowner’s insurance policy.  The insurance company was quick to send an Arvada plumbing company out to repair the pipe and a disaster mitigation company from Denver to start to work on the rest of the house.  By the end of the week our house was completely repaired and you could never tell we had a claim in the first place. 

I must admit that initially I was very frustrated that I had to come up with a $1,000 deductible.  When I received the final bill for the claim, which totalled over $10,000, I decided I was instead ‘thankful’ that I only had to come up with $1,000. 

One last question many people have asked:  Did my homeowner’s insurance rates go up?  Yes, sadly they increased about 15% due to the claim.  The good news is that I saved $9,000 by having the right insurance policy and I’m only going to have to pay an extra $10/mo for a few years. 

Next week, we’ll take a minute to discuss what we can do to prevent this from happening to YOU!  If you have any questions or concerns in the mean-time, please feel free to call our local denver insurance agency at: 303-463-9800!

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