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LIFE AFTER DEATH?! There’s something people seem to ponder about… isn’t there?  Well, I can tell you right now that spiritually speaking; I don’t know if it exists. But in a manner of speaking, for your loved ones, you can make it happen on some level.

Plan your Family’s Financial Future

I’m not going to make this a dry read full of statistics and depressing facts about the unemployment rate.  I am not going to sit here and tell you that you have plenty of time to make enough money for retirement because you are still young.  No, I am not going to do that.  The reason I am not going to do that is because it is never too soon to plan for your family’s future!  Ladies and gentlemen if you have a mortgage or children or other important responsibilities, then you need to finish reading this blog.  If you don’t have those things and you are reading this, you might consider yourself fortunate to have run onto this.

Do you have it all together financially?  What does that even mean right?!  Well I think there are many meanings, but I will tell you one thing I have learned as a father of two amazing boys and family man.  Having “it” together happens a little at a time and you must have a plan.  You are likely asking yourself right now what this has to do with “Life after Death?”  The answer is simple.  I am talking about Life Insurance.  I am talking about the single most important insurance policy that any parent must own.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering Life Insurance:

  1. Are you the “Primary Bread Winner” for your family?
  2. Does your family have enough money to pay for funeral services if something should happen to you?
  3. How long would they be able to afford to stay in the comfortable home you have worked so hard for to provide them with?

I think I have made my point.  Life insurance is something you NEED to own. The younger you acquire this coverage, the less expensive it is!

There are a lot of things I look back on and see that I wasted 3 times what I pay monthly for my life insurance on garbage I didn’t need.  I can tell you now that if there is anything you could ever do to help your family and insure that you will be able to sleep better at night, that thing is to make sure that they are able to afford funeral services without losing their home over it.  There is nothing worse than losing a loved one and in addition not knowing where you will live now.  For what you would spend to go out to eat  with your family, you could afford a life insurance policy.

If this caused a little anxiety, then I have done what I aimed to do.  The next step is easy.  Call your insurance agent and see what options you have to protect your family’s future and how inexpensive it can actually be! If you don’t have a local agent (Arvada, Westminster, Golden, Broomfield, Wheat Ridge), give us a call!

Alexander D. Dunhill

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