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Hello World!  I am Christina Quintana and this is my first ever blog… who knew my first blog would be about insurance?!

How I got Started in Insurance

I will get to the insurance part of my story, but before I do, I want you to know a little about where I’m from and how I got to be an insurance agent in Arvada.  I was born in Wyoming, have lived on the East Coast for a few years and am now back in Colorado, which I love.  I have been in the Denver area for the last 10 years and love it so much I that I have decided to make it my permanent home.  I have one son who is my best friend.  Back when I lived in Wyoming I worked for attorneys.  As much as I loved learning about and understanding the law, I never really had a passion working in the legal field.

When I moved to New Jersey, I got an offer to get an insurance license and start working as an agent.  I decided, based on a statement the owner said in my interview, to do it.  The statement he said was “We are like family here”.  He was right, it was like a family at that insurance agency and they helped me learn and grow in business insurance, which is not my specialty.

My Insurance Specialities

I can’t believe its been this long, but I have now been in the insurance business for 17 years!  I specialize in Commercial Insurance, working often with General Liability, Professional Liability, Liquor Liability, Workers Comp, Commercial Property and other Business Insurance Policies.  My favorite thing about working with insurance policies is helping my clients,  I get the opportunity to do complete insurance reviews and help make sure they have the best insurance program for their business. It is my clients that truly make this business and job enjoyable. I look forward to many more years of doing this!

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